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24 Bay Charging Case for RF Receiver/Transmitter – RF-DC-24

This charger unit/case is for use with the Portable RF Transmitter [RF-TX1-865/915] and Portable RF Receiver [RF-RX1-865/915] and can hold up to 24 receivers/transmitters in a standing position. The case is provided with a power supply and charging is a simple drop-in connection. The built-in digital panel enables fast and easy programming of multiple devices, including data-copy and channel-sync for compatible transmitters and receivers. This provides fast setup from a master device.


5 Bay Charging Station – IR-RX2-DC5

Our 5 bay charging station is available for the IL-RX30 rechargeable hearing loop listener. This unit can hold up to 5 loop listeners in a standing position. Up to 4 listeners can be daisy-chained together to charge up to 20 listeners using a single power supply. Note: There is also the option of the IR-RX2-DC1 single bay hearing loop listener charger.

5 Bay Infrared Receiver Charger – IR-RX2-DC5 / IR-RXU-DC5

Our 5 Bay Infrared Receiver Chargers are available for both the Portable Infrared Receiver and Portable Infrared Earphone Receiver.

This unit can hold up to 5 receivers in a standing position. Two chargers can be daisy-chained together to charge 10 receivers using a single power supply.


Ceiling Mounts for Main & Service Displays – QC-TUBEHANG

The Ceiling Mounts allow mounting of the system’s Main Display and Service Displays to the ceiling, providing better visibility to your customers.

Central Control Unit DNC

Heart of the Diplomat conference & interpretation system, acting as the controller for both the interpretation system and the conference system. When integrated, both component parts become part of the same digital network (DNS) and when separate, they can act as standalone systems (either conference or interpretation). DNS is capable of supporting up to 64 channels which can be assigned to different languages when any number of DAIUs is connected. As a seamless digital network, DNS is capable of maintaining the Diplomat’s ultra high-quality audio (48kHz, 24bit) across all component parts – conference/interpretation/listening posts. The DNC has 6 x RJ45 I/O connectors representing the 6 x zones or 3 x redundant loop pairs which are individually bootable by push-buttons, into which the DNS’ CATx cabling infrastructure would start/finish. For power beyond 120 units connected at the same time, the Intelligent Power Injector (IPI) is used, a locally-fitted (on the zone) power injector. Full-feature front panel control available including backlit LCD display, rotary knobs and push buttons for the various functions, as well as local monitoring. Like all Auditel CCUs, the DNC uses RS-232 comms to link with an Auditel Computer, enabling ACCS to be integrated with the connected conference system plus more.  

Control Hub – QC-HUB

The Control Hub is the Q-Control’s system interface module, controlling all components of the system. It is connected to all modules either directly or through a Junction Box.

Ear-Worn Microphone for use with Transmitter – RF-TX1-EM

This ear-worn microphone is compatible with the Portable Radio Frequency Transmitter [RF-TX1-865/915] and has a 1.2 metre cable and mini-XLR connector. It enables handsfree communication with clear sound using a high quality Condenser microphone capsule.


Headphones – IR-HP1

Our black stereo headphones use a 2 metre lead and uses a standard 3.5mm audio jack.


Under the Counter Loop System
This system offers clear communication with hearing instrument wearers, especially were background noise is a problem or clear speech is restricted. It has a flexible, discreet hearing loop aerial that can be bent to shape, allowing it to be tailored to many different counters.
Above the Counter Loop System (1)


Above the Counter Loop System
Our Above the Counter Loop System provides clear communication with hearing instrument wearers, especially where background noise is a problem or clear speech is restricted. The hearing loop aerial is located within the signage, which is fixed to a counter, desk or glass surface to enable customers to easily identify the loop and get maximum benefit from it. The unit can be fitted into many positions due to its low profile structure.
Portable Loop


Portable Loop Driver
The Portable Loop is a versatile solution, providing movable desktop assistance for your customers where a fixed loop cannot be installed. It is used for conversations between two people.

IL-RX30 Rechargeable Loop Listener

The Contacta RX30 Rechargeable Hearing Loop Listener is a compact listening device for use with hearing loop systems. It enables people to listen to a hearing loop system as if they were wearing a hearing device switched to the T-Coil Program.