What is Hearing Loop / Induction Loop System ?

Induction loop System consist of hearing loop driver which creates electromagnetic filed that enables music and speech with complete clarity for the Hearing Aid wearer.

Usually in the public areas or any private meeting places it becomes difficult for hearing aid wearer to distinguish the audio with ambient noise. The induction loop system or hearing loop system eliminates any unwanted audio in the environment and ensure the audio is heard directly into the hearing aid for the wearer.

Why we need Induction Loop System?

  • Conversation for people with hearing loss becomes stressful in high ambient noise environment
  • Poor conversation results in fatigue and embarrassment for person with hearing loss
  • It becomes difficult for them in any business communication or sharing information in private or public areas
  • People with hearing loss avoid places that are poorly provisioned which directly or indirectly impact on business

Hearing Loop / Induction Loop System

1 To 1 Hearing Loop / Induction Loop System

The 1 to 1 Hearing Loops allows customer or visitor to freely engage with staff at counter or information desk, also in situation where communication between two people take place such as Banks, Post Offices, Ticket Counter, Information desk, Reception Desk, Airports, Super Markets, Retail Store, Hospital & Nursing Homes etc

Types of 1 to 1 Heating Loops:

  • Under the Counter Hearing Loop / Induction Loop System
  • Above the Counter Hearing Loop / Induction Loop System
  • Portable Hearing Loop / Induction Loop System
1 to 1 hearing loop

Large Area Hearing / Induction Loop

large area hearing

Large Area Induction Loop Systems are installed in the areas where communication happens for multiple hearing aid wearer e.g Training Room, Conference Room, Matting room, Auditoriums etc.

These Large Area Induction Loop System are installed to benefit superior listening experience for multiple hearing aid wearers.

What are major components in Audio Induction Loop System?

  • Audio Source (Microphones, Presentation Audio, Movie Audio etc…)
  • Audio Induction Loop Driver
  • Copper Loop Tape or Direct Burial Cable
  • Hearing Loop Signage
  • Field Strength Meter
  • Induction Loop Listener