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Inductive Loop – IR-NL1

Our Inductive Neck Loop is a compact listening device which connects to our Portable Infrared Receiver and enables users to listen using a hearinginstrument switched to the “T” position (i.e.using the Telecoil in a hearing aid).

It connects to receivers using a 3.5mm audio jack.


Infrared Transmitter with Modulator – IR-TX2

The Medium Area Infrared Transmitter with Modulator combines an infrared modulator and transmitter, providing a wide angle of emission with a sleek and compact design (available in both black and white). With a coverage area of 180m2, it is ideal for use in medium-sized environments.

Infrared Transmitter with Modulator – IR-TX4

Our two-channel Large Area Infrared Transmitter with Modulator combines an infrared modulator and transmitter, generating a wide exit angle for the infrared signal while providing a sleek and compact design that eliminates the need for rack space. It is ideal for use in large environments.

Transmissions are at a bandwidth of 2.3 and 2.8mHz. In 1-channel mode, the transmitter supplies areas of up to 900m². Additional transmitters allow the receiving range to be increased.


Junction Box – QC-JB-00

The Junction Box provides additional connections in a Q-Control system when more than two service positions are used. One Junction Box is required for each extra set of two service positions.

Lapel Microphone for use with Transmitter – RF-TX1-LM

This lapel microphone is compatible with the Portable Radio Frequency Transmitter [RF-TX1-865/915]. It includes a tie clip and 1 metre cable with a mini-XLR connector. It enables handsfree communication with clear sound using a high quality Condenser microphone capsule.


Main Display – QC-MD-G

The Main Display of the Q-Control is located at the head of a queue. It informs customers when a service position becomes available. The device’s visual information is displayed in red by default, with text scrolling across the top of the display. It also provides audio guidance selectable in a male or female voice.

Microphone Unit DCMU / DDMU – L

Large-body design microphone unit for the Diplomat conference system, available with the following features: • Request button (included as standard) • Loudspeaker (included as standard, single or dual) • Electronic Voting (5-button or 3-button) • Card-Reader • Channel Selector (single or dual) • USB charging • Biometric Fingerprint Recognition • Priority button for Chair unit (DCMU-S) • LCD Display Any combination of the above options is available, as with Auditel, custom is standard. Bespoke finishing/printing is available on request. As a component part of the Diplomat system, all microphone units benefit from our ergonomic silent ‘soft-touch’ buttons and ultra high-quality audio. The base unit is spec’d separately from the gooseneck (DM-1) and the intelligent design of the DDMU/DCMU-x units means that they are suitable for both portable and fixed installations. Custom design requirements mean that sample images may vary from production units as well their respective approximate dimensions provided.

Mouse Controller – QC-MOUSE-G

The Mouse Controller is the Q-Controls’ interface device used by staff at service positions. One Mouse Controller is installed at every service position connected to the Q-Control system. Staff using the Mouse Controller can select either a male or female voice to alert customers that their service position is available.

Portable Infrared Receiver – IR-RX2

Our Portable Infrared Receiver is a four channel receiver, compatible with our infrared transmitters using frequencies 2.3MHz and 2.8MHz. It features automatic gain control and high sensitivity for incoming infrared signals.

The receiver uses rechargeable batteries, and is a versatile and sturdy unit which requires either headphones or an assistive hearing neck loop. Volume is amplified, adjustable up to 120dB to assist users with hearing loss.


Portable Infrared Underchin Receiver – IR-RXU

Our Portable Infrared Underchin Receiver is a twochannel under-the-chin receiver, compatible with our transmitters using frequencies 2.3MHz and 2.8MHz.

The receiver is easy-to-use, comfortable and can switch between mono and stereo. Its earpieces swivel, meaning they keep their position in the ear even when a user turns his/her head. It utilises rechargeable batteries.

Volume is amplified, adjustable up to 120dB to assist users with hearing loss. Spare rubber earbuds are available if required.

Portable Radio Frequency Handheld Transmitter – RF-TXHH-865 / RF-TXHH-915

This handheld microphone has an integrated multi-frequency transmitter and UHF technology. It is for use with Portable Radio Frequency Receivers [RF-RX1-865/915], with two versions available that respectively work on 865MHz (UK/EU) or 915MHz (USA/AU) frequencies. This microphone transmits sound wirelessly and directly to groups of receivers programmed on the same channel, making it ideal for use in lectures, events, and educational venues. The unit is supplied with 2x AA Alkaline batteries. However, rechargeable batteries can be used to power the unit and charged through the micro-USB charge port.


Portable Radio Frequency Receiver 865MHz / 915MHz – RF-RX1-865/915

A lightweight Portable Radio Frequency Receiver which provides high-quality sound received from compatible transmitters, with two versions that respectively work on 865MHz (UK/EU) or 915MHz (USA/AU) frequencies. There is no limit to the number of receivers which can be used per group. The receiver utilises digital audio transmission technology. A micro-USB power supply provides fast and simple charging and the unit can also be charged using the drop-in RF-DC6/RF-DC24 charging trays.