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Ceiling Mounts for Main & Service Displays – QC-TUBEHANG

The Ceiling Mounts allow mounting of the system’s Main Display and Service Displays to the ceiling, providing better visibility to your customers.

Control Hub – QC-HUB

The Control Hub is the Q-Control’s system interface module, controlling all components of the system. It is connected to all modules either directly or through a Junction Box.

Junction Box – QC-JB-00

The Junction Box provides additional connections in a Q-Control system when more than two service positions are used. One Junction Box is required for each extra set of two service positions.

Main Display – QC-MD-G

The Main Display of the Q-Control is located at the head of a queue. It informs customers when a service position becomes available. The device’s visual information is displayed in red by default, with text scrolling across the top of the display. It also provides audio guidance selectable in a male or female voice.

Mouse Controller – QC-MOUSE-G

The Mouse Controller is the Q-Controls’ interface device used by staff at service positions. One Mouse Controller is installed at every service position connected to the Q-Control system. Staff using the Mouse Controller can select either a male or female voice to alert customers that their service position is available.

Q-Control Starter Kit

Our Q-Control enables efficient management of queues, so customers are served quickly and staff can operate efficiently. It is simple to add extra positions to fit your requirements. Orderly queuing maximises throughput and promotes customer satisfaction by providing customers with both audio and visual direction to the next available position. This ensures customers with visual impairment and/or hearing loss can receive clear instructions and are not excluded. The modular system is simple to install and extremely easy for staff to use. Cabling can be concealed within counter frames for a neat appearance.

Service Display – QC-CD-G

The Service Display is installed above every service position connected to a Q-Control system. It should be in clear sight from the head of the queue, as it shows customers the number of the available service position. The device’s visual information is displayed in red by default.