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Portable Loop


Portable Loop Driver
The Portable Loop is a versatile solution, providing movable desktop assistance for your customers where a fixed loop cannot be installed. It is used for conversations between two people.

IL-RX30 Rechargeable Loop Listener

The Contacta RX30 Rechargeable Hearing Loop Listener is a compact listening device for use with hearing loop systems. It enables people to listen to a hearing loop system as if they were wearing a hearing device switched to the T-Coil Program.

Inductive Loop – IR-NL1

Our Inductive Neck Loop is a compact listening device which connects to our Portable Infrared Receiver and enables users to listen using a hearinginstrument switched to the “T” position (i.e.using the Telecoil in a hearing aid).

It connects to receivers using a 3.5mm audio jack.


Infrared Transmitter with Modulator – IR-TX2

The Medium Area Infrared Transmitter with Modulator combines an infrared modulator and transmitter, providing a wide angle of emission with a sleek and compact design (available in both black and white). With a coverage area of 180m2, it is ideal for use in medium-sized environments.

Infrared Transmitter with Modulator – IR-TX4

Our two-channel Large Area Infrared Transmitter with Modulator combines an infrared modulator and transmitter, generating a wide exit angle for the infrared signal while providing a sleek and compact design that eliminates the need for rack space. It is ideal for use in large environments.

Transmissions are at a bandwidth of 2.3 and 2.8mHz. In 1-channel mode, the transmitter supplies areas of up to 900m². Additional transmitters allow the receiving range to be increased.


Junction Box – QC-JB-00

The Junction Box provides additional connections in a Q-Control system when more than two service positions are used. One Junction Box is required for each extra set of two service positions.

Lapel Microphone for use with Transmitter – RF-TX1-LM

This lapel microphone is compatible with the Portable Radio Frequency Transmitter [RF-TX1-865/915]. It includes a tie clip and 1 metre cable with a mini-XLR connector. It enables handsfree communication with clear sound using a high quality Condenser microphone capsule.


Main Display – QC-MD-G

The Main Display of the Q-Control is located at the head of a queue. It informs customers when a service position becomes available. The device’s visual information is displayed in red by default, with text scrolling across the top of the display. It also provides audio guidance selectable in a male or female voice.

Mouse Controller – QC-MOUSE-G

The Mouse Controller is the Q-Controls’ interface device used by staff at service positions. One Mouse Controller is installed at every service position connected to the Q-Control system. Staff using the Mouse Controller can select either a male or female voice to alert customers that their service position is available.